Disability Services

Southeastern Community College complies with the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990 and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and is committed to providing opportunities to qualified persons with disabilities in access to education and facilities. SCC provides reasonable accommodations for documented disabilities of individuals who are eligible to receive or participate in college programs, services, or activities, including distance learners.

Student Services provides a disability services counselor to assist students in requesting disability-related accommodations for documented physical, learning, and psychological disabilities. Individuals who require reasonable accommodations for a disability must make this requirement known to disability services as soon as possible. For additional information regarding disability services and accommodations, contact disability services at 910.788.6327 or in Student Services in A-124.

Procedures for Requesting Accommodations

In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and Title IX of the Educational Amendments Act of 1972, students must disclose disabilities/pregnancy to the counselor in order for Southeastern Community College to provide reasonable accommodations.

  1. The student discloses the type of disability/pregnancy, the student’s limitations, and the current impact of the disability/medical condition to the counselor by completing the appropriate forms. The forms are available in the counselor’s office. Accommodations should be requested at least two weeks in advance to give the disability counselor time to make arrangements. Accommodations requested after that will be provided as soon as possible.
  1. The student provides proof of the disability/pregnancy from a physician, psychologist or other appropriate professional stating the nature of the disability/pregnancy and recommendations for needed accommodations. The documentation must reflect the current impact of the disability/pregnancy. SCC’s staff is not able to diagnose disabilities. The documentation accepted at SCC may not suffice for universities or professional and certification exams.
  1. The student engages in an interview with the counselor.
  1. The counselor documents the reasonable accommodations that the College will provide as determined from the student/counselor interview and appropriate documentation. All of the information is collected by the counselor and filed with a copy of the mutually agreed upon accommodations.
  1. The counselor sends the accommodation form to the instructor. Students are encouraged to discuss accommodations with their instructors.
  1. The student reviews the accommodations with the counselor prior to or at the beginning of each semester during which the student wishes to receive accommodations.

For more information, contact Disability Services, at 910.788.6327, 910.642.1267 (fax), disabilityservices@sccnc.edu, or in Student Services located in the A-Building.

Please be aware of the attendance policy located in the SCC Catalog at www.sccnc.edu.

Please note that all students regardless of disability/pregnancy must meet the technical standards of a program with or without reasonable accommodations.

Students have the right to appeal decisions made by the disability counselor as stated in the SCC Student Handbook located at www.sccnc.edu. Students must do so by submitting a request in writing to the Director of Student Services, within five (5) working days of receiving or being denied accommodations.

Services Available

Disability Counseling

SCC provides a disability counselor who evaluates documentation as reported by a physician or psychologist for requested accommodations for classroom and testing.

Interpreting Services

Sign language interpreters are provided upon request with appropriate documentation. Advance notice is required to schedule an interpreter.

Testing Accommodations

Testing accommodations such as distraction-reduced environment and extended time are provided with appropriate documentation.


SCC offers Snap&Read, a read-aloud tool, and CoWriter, a speech-to-text tool. These tools are easy to use and easy to access using the Chrome browser and an SCC email address and password. Below is a link for more information on getting started with both tools available to all students.

Snap&Read and CoWriter

Other technology may be available with appropriate documentation.


Julia Roberts


(910) 788-6327

A-Building, Rm 124