SCC Foundation Board and the estate of Ralph and Oma Lou Sasser join forces to bring the new SCC Success+ Scholarship

Friday, June 30th, 2023

The SCC Foundation Board voted Wednesday, June 28, to amend and approve the guidelines for the SCC Success Scholarship and new SCC Success+ Scholarship for the 2023-2024 academic year. The scholarship fully covers in-state tuition and fees in addition to books and supplies up to $500.  

The SCC Success Scholarship was funded and founded by the SCC Foundation Board in September 2016. It was later fully funded by an estate gift from the Ralph and Oma Lou Sasser family in 2018. The Sasser endowment and SCC Foundation Board fully funds the Success+ Scholarship.

SCC Foundation Director Terrie Priest said the Success Scholarship was for newly graduated high school students, and the Success+ Scholarship was for adult students. 

“What we’re doing is taking those same endowed funds and calling it Success+, and we’re extending it to ages 21 and up,” Priest said. “So, someone who wants to come back to school can use the Success+ Scholarship.” 

SCC Success Scholarship guidelines 

  • Must be a North Carolina resident. 
  • Complete the FAFSA and apply for all other SCC scholarships  
  • Have a 2.0 unweighted high school GPA 
  • Be continuously enrolled in the fall and spring semesters 

SCC Success+ Scholarship guidelines  

  • Must be a North Carolina resident, ages 21 & up. Preference will be given to Columbus County residents. 
  • Register with Columbus County NC Works first and apply for WIOA Funding 
  • Complete the FAFSA and apply for all other SCC scholarships  

“It’s for that adult student who maybe didn’t go to college straight out of high school,” Priest said. “It will be an opportunity for those who weren’t sure right out of high school and have been in the real world for a couple of years, and it will be a benefit to them.”  

SCC President Dr. Chris English said that the Success+ Scholarship gives many students a second chance at a college education. English explained that one of the ultimate goals of the scholarship is to remove barriers and give opportunities to students who want to come to SCC. 

“Especially if they didn’t see themselves as a college student or they were trying to figure out what their life may be, it gives them the opportunity to come in and take advantage of college like everybody else,” English said. “I think that’s a huge benefit because I’m a testament to that, and someone gave me an opportunity.” 

Executive Vice President Dr. Sylvia Cox said that research and data shows there are more people who want to attend college but have not had the financial resources to do so.  

“The Success+ opens that window, and it really resonates with those students and lets them know that SCC is the place for them,” Cox said. “We’re so appreciative to the SCC Foundation Board and Ralph and Oma Lou Sasser family for providing this opportunity to our students to see the benefit of what the college is doing.” 

Cox explained that time and money are the biggest factors in a student’s life when thinking about going to college. She said that SCC’s flexibility to work with adult students and their schedule in addition to the Success+ Scholarship is one less worry for them. Cox said that when adult students graduate and get jobs, they are changing the work force in Columbus County and North Carolina because they are filling the gap in the workforce that is needed now. 

“When adults go back to college, they radically change their life and everybody in their family’s life. They become role models,” Cox said. “But financially, things change really quickly, so that’s a game-changer for everybody in their house.” 

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