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Time Sheet (Fill-in Form)

Procedures for completion of Work-Study Time Sheet

  1. Keep this time sheet in the area in which you are working.
  2. All time sheets must be completed in INK. Corrected time sheets will not be accepted. If corrections are necessary, a new time sheet must be completed.
  3. Write name, ID number, department, and supervisor’s name where indicated.
  4. Be sure to indicate the dates (days, months, and year) the hours are to cover.
  5. Total hours to the nearest QUARTER hour and list at the end of each working day.
  6. Total hours at the end of the week.
  7. Add weekly totals and enter on the appropriate line.
  8. Student should enter total hours worked for the month and sign the certification.
  9. Student should submit completed time sheet to Supervisor no later than the last working day of each month.
  10. Work-Study supervisors are to complete the certification (in ink) of the total number of hours worked by the student.
  11. Work-Study supervisors should submit the time sheet to the Financial Aid Office no later than the last working day of each month. A copy of the time sheet should be kept with the supervisor’s records.
  12. Payday is normally the last day of each month. When the last day falls on a weekend, the Friday before the weekend will be payday. The pay you receive will cover hours worked through the last day of the previous month. Example: The check you received on October 31st will cover the hours worked from September 1st through September 30th.

Time sheets must be turned in promptly on the LAST working day of the month. If proper approval of completion of the certification has not been done, your time sheet will be returned to your work-study supervisor for completion and/or corrections. This could delay payment for hours worked.